Coconut Butter is essential for making many dairy-free dishes creamy.  It is also expensive often costing $12 for a 16 ounce jar. You can make it for about $4 to $5 worth of shredded coconut. Most sources I’ve seen use a $400 blender to make their coconut butter. I don’t have such an expensive blender. My simple blender cost $60. I was afraid my blender just wouldn’t be powerful enough for the task and its motor would burn up at such a hardy chore. However,  I tried it and found I could make coconut butter as long as I was patient. It takes about half an hour to make a pound of coconut butter in my blender and I could probably make 2 pounds in about 45 minutes. And that’s okay by me because it’s saving me a lot of money.


8-16 ounces dried, shredded Unsweetened Coconut (more to make more at one time)



You want to put enough shredded coconut in your blender that there will be enough content to swirl around, but not so much that it will be a huge wad with nothing happening. In my blender I start with about half an 8 ounce bag. You may need to experiment to see how much coconut works best for your blender.

Let the blender blend until nothing is really swirling around. Turn off the blender. Use a knife or wooden utensil to stir the contents from the bottom of the blender jar. Avoid a silicone spatula near the blades as it can get stuck on the blades. Once the coconut is stirred free from the bottom, replace the lid and blend again. When the contents stop swirling, turn off the blender and stir the contents from the bottom of the jar. Keep repeating this until the coconut becomes a paste. Add the rest of the coconut and keep repeating the process until all the coconut has been pulverized and it is swirling as a smooth, creamy paste. You have made Coconut Butter.

You can stop here or you can make more. I do not add more coconut to this amount of coconut butter as I do not want to overburden my blender’s motor. I pour most of the coconut butter into a storage jar. If you want to make more coconut butter, leave a few tablespoons of coconut butter in the blender. Add about half a bag of a new bag of shredded coconut. Repeat the process as outlined above. This batch will blend faster than the first.

You can stop here or you can make more. Sixteen ounces of coconut butter will fit in a 16 ounce mason jar. If you want to take advantage of the coconut butter in your blender to make more batches quickly, you can do this.

You can always use a Vitamix or Blendtec and they will make your coconut butter faster with less worry about the strength of the motor. They are just a lot more expensive.

After it sets, coconut oil will separate off the coconut butter and will rest on top of the cream. Coconut butter can be stored at room temperature. If the room is warm, the coconut butter will be smooth and creamy. If the room is cold, the coconut butter will be quite hard.

To use the coconut butter when it is hardened, you can put the sealed jar is a bowl of hot water to allow it to soften. Once it is soft, you can mix in the oil. I rarely do that. I just take out some of the coconut butter with what seems a reasonable amount of oil.

When making the coconut butter, do not wander too far from the blender. I left a batch alone while I attended a chore once, when I returned the coconut butter had scorched.

I use coconut butter and vegetable broth combined together as a substitute for canned coconut milk in many savory dishes. A friend loves to eat coconut butter spread on a piece of toast.

a bit of coconut


Coconut Butter

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